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14 August 2009 @ 05:35 am
I wonder what Nate's posts will be like from home.
Think of how much we all have changed in a year.
I need to set a focusing on paper. I did the hard part yesterday. The geometrics, a triangle in the circle inside my beloved square. I prayed about it for a long time. I've always used the square. I recently added the circle of the wise men. The Divine pushed the triangle. I know what the square and circle mean to me. I'm curious to see how the triangle cooperates and incorpoates itself into the pattern. I think it has to do with travel. I will pull the map out and set the template down and see where it leads me.
Nate, you should understand the configuration in it's enitirety.
I'm sure it's a boundary like the others.
07 August 2009 @ 01:40 pm
I'm back!
Posting should be easier with the iPhone. A net book's on the way.
So much has happened I don't know where to begin.
Well first, Nate, I hope your daughter is ok.
I need to dig around, read, purge, add, and catch up.
25 June 2009 @ 07:53 pm
Good night Michael
05 May 2009 @ 11:53 pm
I don't know what to say.
The Divine is really good to me.
More later.
07 March 2009 @ 08:30 pm
Oh well.
I'm ok.
26 January 2009 @ 08:44 pm
i will write my focus tonight.
it will include an emphasis on finances and making my money work for me.
now before you think i'm rolling in dough...i'm not, but money's job is to work for you by providing things. our responsibility to it is to let it flow, like currency (get it? water current).
there will be hieroglyphics, for lack of a better word, on the page that i cannot place here. they are too intimate to share, but i encourage you to create your own.
i use a square instead of a circle to encapsulate the focus. i have never bonded well to the circle, but i am open to that growth.
there are several areas that will be addressed.
savings for braces (olivia)to be paid in full upfront.
secured credit card (olivia)i cannot keep running to the cash machine.
joint checking (octavia)so she and olivia can do the grocery shopping.
savings (mattress account/ i'm tired of gathering it up during hurricanes and tornados)iphone, contacts, dishwasher.
that's just the financial.
five areas of focus.
this focus is my big one of the year.
i'll share more later after it's born.
yes, i'm celebrating early.
saturday and sunday were the luckiest days astrologically, today is an eclipse worth three full moons, and then next weekend is Imbolc, so it's an average leading me to tonight.
14 January 2009 @ 08:25 pm
yes, even after "the promotion", which failed to produce.

let me explain, there is something fishy going on. my supervisor had previously told me i would be on the desk less often and have special duties. when i asked my original supervisor what these would be, she said it would be the holds. this is an added service for our patrons. i said, "how is ami gonna feel about that?" she said probably not too good. then set in motion an observance i had not any reason prior to observe. ami does nothing. and somehow over the past 3 supervisors has managed to have herself scheduled off the desk, off shelving, and 40 hours on holds. which no other employee has ever done. and she does not do them, preferring to eat and read and socialize throughout the library. i say to myself, now i see why this happens but rest assured that management knows and thats why they offered me the job. ok.
2 months go by. nothing. i did ask my big boss and his secretary for a copy of my new job description and my acceptance papers. no special duties detailed.
ami has some way persuaded my supervisor to retain her position.
but today was the last straw. the past months have been bad having to explain why patrons' holds are not ready. she's sick, she's on vacation, she's at a special meeting.
while i was wearing 3 layers to be warm in the morning, in the afternoon sweat was rolling down my cleavage and my back while i double zapped books to reshelve them and she ate candy and read donated magazines and complained about how tired she was, while my supervisor sat on the desk with the zapper computer and i actually had to ask her to move.
i am the only person shelving this week.
that's why i'm looking for a new job.
far be it for me to complain but even i have my limits.
you are welcome, very welcome to say any kind of prayer that will help me find a job where i can use and be appreciated for my talents in support of the greater good.
18 December 2008 @ 06:21 pm
i haven't forgotten you.
i've been really busy with family and work and my new friend.

but you've been on my mind lately.
we haven't gone through Yule together before.

this time of year i usually sign off with

"peace, love, and light."

i want to give you something.
really give you something.

and so i give you this;

the Divine gave us the power
to make peace
to make love
to make light
and to make joy.

go make some

i love you all
01 December 2008 @ 07:37 pm
and the Sun returns.
21 days and counting ;D
11 November 2008 @ 11:02 pm
i don't know what to say.

life is really good right now.
it's always really good, but right now it's really, really good.

my promotion came through, i signed the final papers yesterday.

i thought it was just more hours, but it's really big.

a desk, not a work station, an office, an extension, an email address, a raise.

and...it's my favorite co workers job.


but it's good for the department.